We know you are comparing EditGrid with your familiar desktop spreadsheet application, namely, Microsoft Excel™. The bar is high and we know that a familiar user experience is the most basic quality to justify your adoption.

EditGrid boasts most commonly used spreadsheet features. The Excel user experience is re-created on the web.

Featured topics in this page:
The Native Spreadsheet Interface

Your familiar interface, running in a web browser.

Native Spreadsheet Interface

Remarks: For seasoned Excel users, keyboard shortcuts work here as well. Try Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and 50 other common keyboard shortcuts.
Standard Spreadsheet Features

Cut-and-paste, sorting, charts, auto-fill, cell border, number formatting, cell formatting, import, export, print, find, undo, redo, freeze pane, text overflow, auto-fit row/column size, word warp, cell comments, 500+ functions ... You name it, EditGrid has it.

EditGrid can import/export your spreadsheets from/to many popular spreadsheet file formats, including Microsoft Excel (.xls), OpenDocument (.ods), OpenOffice.org (.sxc), CSV (.csv), and many others.

Standard Spreadsheet Features