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"EditGrid Brings Web 2.0 Tricks to Spreadsheets"

"EditGrid could convince you that Microsoft's product isn't the best financial analysis tool under all circumstances."
From Richard Morochove, PC World ( more ... )
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"It's hard to dispute EditGrid ( as the ultimate online spreadsheet."

"Whether you simply want to make a spreadsheet available to co-workers or you want to incorporate a "live" chart or table into a Web page or blog post, EditGrid will eagerly oblige. And the iPhone edition of its service ( is awesome."
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"All in all, the best of the online spreadsheet services."

"It stands out for its elegant and efficient interface, and for collaboration and real-time-data tools that Excel can't match."
From Edward Mendelson, PC Magazine ( more ... )
"Best for Collaborating"
"... employees no longer will have to wait for others to finish their work before beginning their own - a common gripe about spreadsheet software." Inc Logo
From Michael Fitzgerald, Inc. Magazine ( more ... )
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"The New Road Warrior"

EditGrid "is a really cool online spreadsheet program; its new iPhone version gives you full-featured spreadsheets in 4.8 ounces, not pounds."
From Robert Scoble, Fast Company ( more ... )

"It works amazingly well"
"I used EditGrid for some time and it works amazingly well, appears to be robust, and is currently free." Network World Logo
From Mark Gibbs, NetworkWorld ( more ... )
"... we are all learning from EditGrid..."
"... we are all learning from Google Docs and Spreadsheets, from Zoho, from EditGrid..."
From Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's Chief Software Architect ( more ... )
"The best online spreadsheet I've ever seen"
From Marc Benioff, CEO ( more ... )
"The most advanced ajax-based online spreadsheet"
From Ismael Ghalimi, IT|Redux ( more ... )
"EditGrid itself is an impressive tool"
"EditGrid itself is an impressive tool, but equally impressive are the people behind it."
From Eric Whitney, Citizen Schools
"EditGrid does lots of things right, and in great style"
"EditGrid does lots of things right, and in great style. They even care about making your URLs look good. Their developer interfaces are paid equal amounts of love and attention as are their user interfaces, which in this case is great praise for both."
From ecmanaut ( more ... )
"We're definitely including use of EditGrid in what we do from now on"
From David Terrar, D²C Logo
"... more than worthy replacement for our spreadsheet needs"

"A great application and is a more than worthy replacement for our spreadsheet needs."
From Dominique Laron, ( more ... )

"... a powerful online spreadsheet"
"Integrating ASTERIA with a powerful online spreadsheet will make the whole solution much more compelling."
From Pina Hirano, President and CEO of Infoteria ( more ... )

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"... the richest feature set of all the online spreadsheet tools and technologies"

"We chose EditGrid because it provided the richest feature set of all the online spreadsheet tools and technologies we evaluated."
From Isaac Garcia, Central Desktop Co-Founder and CEO ( more ... )

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"EditGrid is a hot product"

"EditGrid is a hot product. We feel fortunate to have started this relationship at the beginning of what will be a tremendous growth period for TnC."
From TJ Kang, ThinkFree Founder and CEO ( more ... )

"Delivering functionality that users rate."
"It's one of those products that stands out above the crowd by delivering functionality that users rate."
From Phil Wainewright, ZDNet ( more ... )
"...has plenty of functions currently absent in Google Spreadsheets"
"...loved by accountants around the world, it has enough functionality to meet most day to day needs, is sharable in its online version and has plenty of functions currently absent in Google Spreadsheets."
From Dennis Howlett, ZDNet ( more ... )
"Something a traditional Pocket Word or Excel could never do"
About the iPhone Edition of EditGrid, "This is something different and new - something a traditional Pocket Word or Excel could never do."
From Jonathan Eunice, analyst at Illuminata
"Better than Google Spreadsheet"
From Gang Lu, Read/Write Web ( more ... )
"A very slick browser-based spreadsheet"
From Rafe Needleman, Webware ( more ... )

"The best web-delivered spreadsheet"
"EditGrid may be the best web-delivered spreadsheet I've seen -- and yes, that includes Google Spreadsheets and Zoho."
From Michael Muchmore, AppScout ( more ... )
"EditGrid is definitely much more advanced"
"Although Google Spreadsheet is probably more well-known, feature wise, EditGrid is definitely much more advanced."
From Andy Chun, ZD Net Asia ( more ... )
"An extraordinarily useful online spreadsheet"
"An extraordinarily useful online spreadsheet that I could not have conceived even 3 years ago."
From Dennis Howlett, AccMan ( more ... )
"... just over the horizon for next generation business and office folk"
"It is offering us a tantalizing glimpse of what is just over the horizon for next generation business and office folk."
From Alan Wood, Folknology ( more ... )
"One of the most promising and enterprising startups in the Office 2.0 space"
From Vivek Puri, StartupSquad ( more ... )
"EditGrid is a more complete spreadsheet"
"I think EditGrid is a more complete spreadsheet app compared to Google's."
From Neil McIntyre, personal blog ( more ... )
"...the best iPhone online app ever"
"it might be the greatest online app I have ever seen and it fills a gaping hole in the iphone user experience."
From Andy Ihnatko, MacBreak Weekly ( more ... )