If you are an organisation subscriber of EditGrid, you will have to review and accept to our Privacy Policy for Subscribers too.


30th April, 2007

As the service provider to EditGrid, we at Team and Concepts Limited ("TnC") hold user privacy to a high regard. This policy describes how we protect privacy at EditGrid.

In a nutshell:

  1. We take prudent and necessary steps to protect your spreadsheet data from unauthorised third-party access.
  2. We do not sell or release your personal information to any third party unless and only to such extent we are obliged in law to do so.

Spreadsheet data

When you create a spreadsheet on EditGrid, or upload a spreadsheet onto EditGrid, you will be able to share it with other EditGrid users and/or with public (ie any user who may or may not have logged in). You shall specify the sharing mode of a spreadsheet with respect to any user and/or a group thereof by means of express actions or by allowing the system defaults, which you can change in advance, be applied. Only such users may read, write, copy, lock, download or reference to your spreadsheet, embed it onto other media, or otherwise access the spreadsheet or a version thereof in the manner you prescribe for each user and/or a group thereof.

You are advised to take caution when you make personal, sensitive or confidential information accessible on a spreadsheet shared with public, which may be the default sharing mode of your spreadsheets.

Search engines and web archives routinely crawl websites for indexing and caching purposes. If you share a spreadsheet to public for viewing or exporting, it may be cached by search engines or web archives from time to time and be accessible from search engine caches or web archives even after you have disabled its public sharing on EditGrid. EditGrid exerts no control over search engine caches and web archives once the spreadsheet has been cached.

Personal information

We ask you to provide us a username of your choice and a password when you sign up as a personal user. Such information is necessary to protect against unauthorised access. You will submit your username and password to us every time you log on to EditGrid for authentication purpose. You must have an account at EditGrid in order to have your spreadsheets saved and to share and collaborate with other users.

Your username will serve as your identity on EditGrid. It forms part of the URL of your public workspace as well as the permalink of your spreadsheets. The permalink of a personal user's spreadsheet takes a form like this:


Your username will also be used to identify the owner, co-editor, lock owner, and last editing user of a spreadsheet or a version thereof. Only a user with permission to read a spreadsheet, with or without password protection, will be able to access such information.

Currently an anonymous (ie not logged-in) user can edit a public-writable spreadsheet, with or without password protection, and in such case the last editing user will be identified as "anonymous user". This, however, is subject to future changes.

Once logged in, you may provide further personal information about yourself to us. This include your name and your email address. Any information so collected will be collected on an opt-in basis and will only be used for the general purposes of products and services provision, identification and authentication, services improvement, contact, research, and anonymous reporting. We do not sell or release your personal information to any third party without your consent unless and only to such extent we are obliged in law to do so.

When you use EditGrid, whether logged-in or not, your browser send us a lot of information, including time of access, version of browser and OS, and originating IP address. Like most websites, we routinely collect server logs to analyse user activities and to compile statistics.

We restrict access to personal information to staff members of TnC and its contractors, all of whom are bound by confidentiality obligations.

Future changes

Please note that we may change this policy from time to time. We will post the most up-to-date version of this policy on this page and keep an archive of prior versions of this policy, which are available upon request. For major changes we will also post a prominent notice on the site to notify you of the changes.

If you have any enquiries about this policy, or would like to have a copy of a prior version of this policy please contact us at compliance@tnc.hk .


This policy covers only the online spreadsheet service and any external services directly connected for such purpose. It does not, without limitation, cover EditGrid Blog, EditGrid Forum, EditGrid Wiki and any other subsidiary but separate services.

This policy or any part thereof may be overridden by a separate Privacy Policy for Subscribers for subscription service users.