A. General Questions

1. What is EditGrid?

EditGrid is an online spreadsheet service with real-time-update (RTU) and extensive collaboration features.

2. Why use EditGrid?

In addition to the everyday spreadsheet functionality you'll ever need, EditGrid solves the spreadsheet collaboration problem by allowing concurrent viewing and editing by multiple users in real-time, and enable powerful features made possible by the web. Spreadsheets hosted on EditGrid are easy to share, and always accessible anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.

3. What is difference between EditGrid and other spreadsheet applications and online spreadsheets?

EditGrid offers a real-time spreadsheet collaboration for our users. The fundamental differences between EditGrid and desktop spreadsheet applications includes its real-time-update (RTU) and collaboration capabilities. To compare EditGrid with Excel or other online spreadsheets, here is a spreadsheet comparison matrix.

4. How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. To sign up for EditGrid, simply click here and follow the on-screen instruction. If you would like to learn more about EditGrid, this online tutorial is an excellent place for you to start experiencing our service.

5. What is an online spreadsheet?

An online spreadsheet is an online application that allows users to create, edit and share spreadsheets on the web.

6. Will you do other office apps?

In the first place, we keep our focus on spreadsheet market. In the next step, we will endeavour to make our spreadsheet better.

7. What is the benefit of EditGrid over Excel in shared mode, where multiple people can edit the sheet?

EditGrid provides a more intuitive solution to facilitate collaboration over Excel in shared mode in four aspects:

  1. Accessibility: EditGrid stores your online spreadsheets on the web, accessible any time, any place. In comparison, Excel needs a physical disk-drive, using either Windows' shared folder or a file server.
  2. Collaboration: EditGrid's Real-Time-Update(RTU) feature enables concurrent editing, saving and reflecting updates simultaneously. On the other hand, changes to Excel's shared spreadsheets would only be updated after a duration of at least 5 minutes for its autosave function.
  3. Functionality: All EditGrid features are usable when multiple users are editing the collaborative spreadsheets at the same time. But for Excel in shared mode, important features, like charting, are disabled.
  4. Fine-Grained Privileges: Each EditGrid spreadsheet is specified with privileges for viewing and editing, while the relay of an Excel file defined in the file system restricts a user to view all changes in real-time even in a shared mode.

8. What are the differences between organisation account and personal account?

The fundamental differences between organisation account and personal account are:

  1. SSL-encrypted traffic throughout the session;
  2. enterprise user account management; and
  3. multiple shared workspaces.
For a full comparison table, please visit the Services & Pricing page.

9. How much does EditGrid cost?

EditGrid is free-of-charge for both personal users and organisation users.

B. Product

1. Do I need to install or download any software to use EditGrid?

No. To use EditGrid, all you need is simply a web browser that supports JavaScript (most modern web browsers do that). For a list of all supported browsers, please refer to the supported browser list.

2. What is RTU? What would happen if two users work on the same spreadsheet?

RTU means "Real-Time Update", which is a core capability of EditGrid. RTU enables multiple users to work on the same spreadsheet simultaneously, with changes made by one user automatically updated to the other's working copy in real time.

3. Is EditGrid available in other languages besides English?

In addition to the English version, EditGrid is available in eight other languages: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, largely thanks to the community who contributed in the EditGrid localisation project.

4. What spreadsheets features are missing in EditGrid?

We are continuously improving EditGrid. Notable missing features for the time being include:

  • macro
  • pivot table
  • data validation
These missing features are already in our future plan.

C. Security

1. Is EditGrid secure?

In one word, yes. Your spreadsheets are published to public or readable by another user only if you have given express permission. Your data are stored on our servers whose security is guaranteed by world-class data centre service. All traffic of login and password are SSL-encrypted. Our organisation users would further enjoy SSL-encryption for all traffic after logged in.

2. Are our data backed up in case of emergencies?

Yes. Spreadsheets hosted on EditGrid are backed up on two levels:

  1. Past revisions are automatically saved. You can readily view and roll back to a past revision on the History tab.
  2. All spreadsheet data are stored in a database management system on our server farm, which is equipped with a local instant redundancy site and both local and off-shore daily backups. In case of emergencies, we are able to recover spreadsheet data either from the local redundancy site or, in the worst case, a daily backup either on-site or off-shore.

D. Support

1. Where can I find the documentation of EditGrid?

EditGrid documentation is available on the EditGrid Wiki.